Since 1999 Ulrika has been leading international Yoga Journeys worldwide. Each year new destinations are added within the U.S and around the world. Like a migrating bird, following the seasons of change, Ulrika journeys to Europe, Central and South America, Asia, The South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Fiji.


Local Northern California retreats are offered in the heart of Napa Valley at Solage Resort. Check back in often as retreats are added on a regular basis.


Due to popular demand, Yoga Journeys are offered to the Yoga Journeys’ email lists for priority bookings prior to being posted on website.


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yacht journey
Croatia, June 19-26, 2021
Stockholm and the Swedish Island Archipelago July 1 – July 7, 2021
Greece, Sept 18-25, 2021
Journeys - Morocco 2020
Morocco, Sept 28 – Oct 5, 2021
Journeys - Morocco 2020
Morocco, Oct 6 – Oct 13, 2021


New Year's Yoga Journey
New Year’s Yoga Journey January 5-11th 2022

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