Cleanse Days

Spring time is almost here! Join me for a Yoga Spring Cleanse Day at Hot Yoga Calistoga!



Hot Yoga Spring Cleanse & Detox Day!

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 from 1 – 5:30 pm @ Hot Yoga Calistoga
Saturday, April 8th, 2017 from 1 – 5:30 pm @ Hot Yoga Calistoga


Yes, you read that right, it’s time for us to dive deep into the Yoga practice to cleanse the body and mind and dedicate a day for purification on all levels. Here is how we will do it:


1-2:30 pm Flow until we Glow Yoga practice
2:30-4 pm Wring it all out with Yin Yoga, detoxifying twist sequences and some potent journal writing
4-5:30 pm Purify with detox pranayama and meditation, a detoxifying facial clay mask, then complete the purification with refreshing essential oils and a guided relaxation where we “bathe” in healing sounds.


You won’t know how refreshed you’ll feel until you try it. Who’s in?




COST: $75. Payment in full will save your space. Day is limited to 20.


LOCATION and STUDIO INFO: Beautiful and New Hot Yoga Calistoga, 213 Wappo Ave, downtown Calistoga. The studio has state of the art infra red heating panels, oxygenated air and diffusers making it fresh and wonderful to practice in a heated space. There are showers and changing rooms, just bring your own towel, mat and a couple of water bottles!



YogAroma is Ulrika’s way of sharing therapeutic uses of doTERRA essential oils, combining the powers of yoga and meditation with oil infused breath practices, AromaTouch 8 oil foot rituals and oil chakra balancing.


Simple and profound, these healing techniques, once learned can be practiced daily as part of you wellness routine or as a once a week tune up.


On a regular basis Ulrika offers YogAroma Journeys around the San Francisco Bay Area. To hear about upcoming events, submit your email address   “here”  and you will receive an email notice from Yoga Journeys.


Being part of the North Bay Area doTERRA YogAroma community one can study and learn the therapeutic uses of essential oils, yoga and meditation online with Ulrika and the plant oil team. To become a member, one enrolls with an essential oil kit ($150 +) and first month Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP) consisting of Frankincense oil,  Breathe oil blend with Cardamon and the Balance grounding oil blend, then month by month study via email the methods, applications and techniques used to balance body, mind and inner chemistry, one practice, one pose, one plant oil at a time.


Interested in becoming a member, please send us an email.



2fd2cb59-e81a-48c8-99af-a359aced6518A Yoga Journey through the senses


Imagine a couple of hours dedicated to YOU with yoga, breath and aromas to balance the 7 chakras and strengthen body, mind and spirit. Simple and profound, these healing techniques, once learned can be practiced daily as part of your wellness routine or as a once a week tune up.


  • 3 breath practices combined with three essences to enhance the energetics of BALANCE, ENERGY, FOCUS
  • 7 chakra YogAroma asana journey
  • 8 oils AromaTouch Foot ritual






RESERVATIONS: Please email

Payment in full guarantees your space.


Plant oils will be available for sampling after the workshop and for those wishing to learn more or purchase oils, wholesale membership is available on site. Plant oils like yoga practice are our allies in daily healthy living…





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