Yoga Visionary Trainings


Yoga Visionary Trainings


Yoga Visionary Training


By popular demand, our Visionary Yoga Training continues on a monthly basis from full moon to full moon. Next session begins May 7th – June 4th and you are welcome to join us! New material is added every month.


In essence this program is dedicated to everyone who wishes to dive into the deeper aspects of yoga to help anchor one’s mind, body and energy and live a heart and practice centered life. Participating only requires the willingness to use yoga and nature as primary tools for cultivating a deeper willingness to show up for your practice daily and trust the internal process set in motion. Learn how to have gravity, inertia and momentum on your side. As a Yoga Visionary develop a yoga practice that is true to you.



The training consists of equal parts physical, energy and mind practices.



Emotional: 3 min DRAWINGS / MUSIC / NATURE


FLEXIBLE FORMAT: Practices are emailed throughout the week which will create your practice log / library of tools for building a personal practice. The format is flexible and you can practice at your own time. We share yoga online and I am recording videos and meditations with shorter specialty asana practices to share throughout the week. The aim practicing this way is to create a home yoga practice where over time our body becomes the studio, breath and imagination our guiding light gaining full access to the practices existing in the memory bank of movement and mind. Together we’ll discover the many layers of yoga practice you already embody and tap into the resiliency and vibrant quickening of the fire within, our unifying life force. My greatest wish for everyone is to have a personal yoga practice that is yours for life, that grows and evolves as time goes on, one that is true and as unique as you.



COST: $150 / month (full moon to full moon). Previous months practices can be purchased per request for $150 per month but not necessary to participate in the training. Each month is a complete program with specific themes.


NEXT SESSION: May 7th – June 4th


SIGN UP: email
We begin Thursday, May 7th!


May we stay strong, healthy, compassionate and inspired together.


Stay tuned in and well!




PS… Private Sessions: I’m working remotely with a limited number of private clients. Should you like to take this time to Dive Deep into Inner Resilience with solo practice, or sharing semi private yoga sessions with your friends, email me to get in line, 6 feet apart… connected from the heart.



We all have our own version of surrendering and wearing our face masks!




YogAroma is Ulrika’s way of sharing therapeutic uses of doTERRA essential oils, combining the powers of yoga and meditation with oil infused breath practices, AromaTouch 8 oil foot rituals and oil chakra balancing.


Simple and profound, these healing techniques, once learned can be practiced daily as part of you wellness routine or as a once a week tune up.


On a regular basis Ulrika offers YogAroma Journeys around the San Francisco Bay Area. To hear about upcoming events, submit your email address   “here”  and you will receive an email notice from Yoga Journeys.


Being part of the North Bay Area doTERRA YogAroma community one can study and learn the therapeutic uses of essential oils, yoga and meditation online with Ulrika and the plant oil team. To become a member, one enrolls with an essential oil kit ($150 +) and first month Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP) consisting of Frankincense oil,  Breathe oil blend with Cardamon and the Balance grounding oil blend, then month by month study via email the methods, applications and techniques used to balance body, mind and inner chemistry, one practice, one pose, one plant oil at a time.


Interested in becoming a member, please send us an email.



2fd2cb59-e81a-48c8-99af-a359aced6518A Yoga Journey through the senses


Imagine a couple of hours dedicated to YOU with yoga, breath and aromas to balance the 7 chakras and strengthen body, mind and spirit. Simple and profound, these healing techniques, once learned can be practiced daily as part of your wellness routine or as a once a week tune up.


  • 3 breath practices combined with three essences to enhance the energetics of BALANCE, ENERGY, FOCUS
  • 7 chakra YogAroma asana journey
  • 8 oils AromaTouch Foot ritual






RESERVATIONS: Please email

Payment in full guarantees your space.


Plant oils will be available for sampling after the workshop and for those wishing to learn more or purchase oils, wholesale membership is available on site. Plant oils like yoga practice are our allies in daily healthy living…





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