Esalen – May 4-6th, 2018

Fellow yogi/nis on the yoga journey…


Every Spring I arrive at Esalen Institute in Big Sur to teach a Yoga Workshop and each time I am thrilled to return as I know my teaching and Yoga practice is about to take another turn into the unknown. Esalen is my “bookmark” on the Yoga Journey. Esalen is where I pause, stop and reflect on the value of what I offer as a Yoga teacher and ask to keep the vessel of inner guidance open. I come here to teach and to be taught, it’s a symbiotic relationship that feeds my soul.


This annual tradition is remarkably powerful due to the location, the history of Esalen, the organic gardens, my fabulous assistants and the pilgrimage nature of the retreat. Not to mention, geothermal springs on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean to soak in 24/7.
I hope you will join us and make it your annual tradition as well!

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: May 4-6th, 2018


Thresholds and Breakthroughs on the Yoga Journey… with ULRIKA ENGMAN


Right before every breakthrough there is a threshold, and at that threshold is the quiet power of transformation. This power to transform is at the heart of ones yoga practice. As yogis and yoginis, we continually refine our skills in seeing and clearing patterns of blocked prana (vital energy), and navigating into unrealized potential within body and mind. We aim to recover stillness where we’ve become restless, regain confidence where we’ve become insecure, and perhaps discover a new sense of trust in the unknown and become more able to take risks required to leap into the destiny of ones purpose.


During this Yoga Journey, we will explore the many ways to release stuck energy from the past and liberate the fluid, more spontaneous body that lives in the now. From the simplest to the more intricate yoga asanas, binds, balancing poses, twists, and backbends, there will be artful sequencing and simple principles of alignment to support us on our quest for personal breakthroughs, big and small. The workshop is open to all levels of experience with minimum three month of regular yoga practice.


Please bring a yoga mat, journal, and a foam roller if you have one.



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