I love it when photos from Yoga Journeys in the way past pop up in my life. The images bring it all back. Here's Bali Yoga Journey 2011 with my dear friend Mindy @lorenzarose ❣ after a sunrise dolphin excursion to celebrate her birthday. We were surrounded by 100s of dolphins . I had asked the chef to surprise us all with a Balinese birthday cake. Guess what was served? Seaweed and coconut jello cake a Balinese special treat. #yogajourney #yogajourneyswithulrika #memories #yogini #namaste #yogaretreat #yogatravel #vacation #bali #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday

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Yoga playtime on Tortuga Beach, Galapagos, 2/19/16

  A new species of yoginis were discovered in the GALAPAGOS last week! They seem to be very well adapted to the beach and sea:) What would Darwin think? Practicing yoga is an art of adaptation, increasing ones tolerance level for differences and changes, to truly learn how to be in the moment and become it no matter what life presents. One with life and showing up consistent like the sun, fluid like the sea, steady like the earth, free like the wind and open as space...

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Fit for the Holidays… in many ways

Day 1 / Nov 1: “Create your space and make your offerings”. As we begin our “Fit for the Holidays” Yoga series our first day is all about creating a space that you like to practice in. Clean the slate, remove old objects and make your offerings, practice the art of giving to a space to create a field of consciousness that is inviting. Create a space where you are the guest and invite yourself like you’d invite a guest. Make it inviting and then roll out your mat and leave it there. No need to make a big fuss about it, the intention is what counts. Take a photo and email it to me if you like. I’ll post mine tomorrow!...

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